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Duck Feed Garden

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Thinking of starting a garden plot to grow greens to feed my ducks.  What should I think about growing?  My ducks are not free range, so they would not have access to the garden.  In other words, I'd be interested in varieties I can hand pick and feed to them.


I'd like the varieties grown to be:

- Self sustaining (i.e. perrenial garden in zone 6B)

- Provide from early spring through late fall

- Be robust and grow quickly

- Be a strong source for necessary vitamins, etc.


I'm open to ideas as I'm planning my garden now.





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Here's a list I've come up with so far:


  1. Dandelions
  2. Lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium album)
  3. Chicory
  4. Alfalfa
  5. Black Medick (Medicago lupulina)
  6. Comfrey
  7. Mustard Greens
  8. Kale
  9. Cabbage
  10. Collard
  11. Chard
  12. Broccoli (fruit not leaves)
  13. Cucumber (fruit not leaves)
  14. Plantain
  15. Nasturtium
  16. Chickweed
  17. Yellow dock
  18. Purslane
  19. Sow Thistle



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I'd add 





beets (can overwinter)- root and leaves ok

carrots (can overwinter)-root and leaves ok

parsnips (can overwinter)-roots, leave probably ok ( have never bought parnsips that still had the leaves)




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Clover, basil, mint.


Also, I grow veggies such as broccoli or beans for myself then feed the ducks the leaves when the plants are done producing.

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Kale has been a consistent favorite of my ducks and geese. Be prepared to fence off the plants or they will eat them to the ground and start digging for the roots. At least that is what mine do.



Forgot to mention. Swiss chard has been said to be not so good for them. To high in oxalic acid. Mine never showed much interest in it anyway. Same for dock.


I tried purslane. I was so happy to have it in my garden, yes I am strange. I like weeds in my garden....anyway the ducks got through the fencing and ate every bit. I haven't seen it since. Dandelions are eaten mostly in spring or fall by my birds.

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Got some good, good lists here!!!!  I'll toss in some ideas - some will need a little time to get established - however, once they are going, they are reliable and can provide shade and greens as well as fruit.  For everyone!


How about amaranth?


sunroot (Helianthus tuberosus)

hardy kiwi



spring-planted field peas


miner's lettuce 


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Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  


Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  

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Great list. You might also try Water cress and cilantro. Annuals sorry

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My issue with herbs/clover is that they are hard to pick a bunch without disturbing the roots.  For free ranging ducks, I agree, herbs/clover are a great cover plant to put down for ducks to graze on.

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