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And I am keeping the temp under the heat lamp at about 100 degrees according to my meat thermometer. Is that about right?
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If I am understanding the correct anatomy of hatching I think this is his problem. The foot is over the head.
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had a bunch of stuff come up today grr.


update on problem chick: shes drinking now but not eating food. should I start on save a chick?  she's chirping and getting around today now the stuff connecting her and the bottom half of shell is no longer attached, didn't have anything else so applied some betadine to bottom

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I think she is stuck under a wing and a leg.
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Originally Posted by WVduckchick View Post

How far along are they? You can try scotch tape, or even candle wax if its just a think crack. Or you can leave it and see how it does.
I assume you dont have an incubator you could put it in? Maybe under a heat lamp if you can get it humid enough. Whip up something to hatch it in?
Good luck!

For the cracked egg. It is day 15
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Okay, Amy...can you fix this?  This "Australorp" hatched tonight. See anything odd about it?


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Awesome, what grade is your daughter in? I homeschool my son and he's 2nd we will be finished the 11th of June I think for second grade.




She's in kindergarten.  'Regular school' was a nightmare for her.  I got tired of the fight every morning (and it was only getting worse).  We made the switch about a month ago and haven't looked back.  For the first few weeks I made it clear every morning she could go to school if she wanted.  She never did.  After a while I stopped reminding her and she stopped asking.  The other day we were driving home from a homeschoolers meetup and passed the turn off for her brick and mortar school and out of nowhere she stated "I never want to go to school ever again."

I wish I knew what happened.  She went to kindergarten prepared academically, developmentally and emotionally.  I think something happened to make her feel unsafe in that environment but she hasn't shared with me yet what it was.

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I just had to free his wing and then he popped right out!👏
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Yayyy...she can share a birthday with my little chick!

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Originally Posted by AmyLynn2374 View Post

Only 6 more to   sorry!

Silkie 7- white

Silkie 8- Paint

Silkie 9- Paint

Silkie 10- White

Silkie 11- White

Silkie 12- White

And I'm done....
[/quot you're babies are adorable!!! We have 7 white silkies babies and a blue splash roo. They have the funniest personalities! Too cute!
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