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Whiting True Blue info

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Hey everyone,

I was curious to know all I can about Dr. Tom Whitings birds, does anyone have any? If so how is the quality of the egg and production compare to the Easter eggers? There cold tolerance doesn't seem to be as high as the Easter eggers, were I live we can get some nasty winters so that would be a concern. Also interested to find out since there a bigger bird than the EE's if they consume more feed and water. There all sold out for the 2016 season but I did plan to order 20 for the 2017 season. Was curious how they stack up. Thanks

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I managed to order some of them in time to get them this year, but it will be the middle of June.  They look like *almost* just what I've been wanting (I'd prefer pea or rose combs, but their combs look pretty small in the pictures I've seen).  I ordered twenty pullets and five cockerels -- if they do well for us, I'll get rid of the rest of my mixed flock, and just keep the True Blues.  Pretty sure I could sell all the blue eggs I wanted to!



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Why so many cockerels? I read you want 1 per 10-20 hens, I have 36 hens right now and 4 roosters and think that's more than I should have. I plan to start another 10-20 chicks this year, really wanted to get my hands on some true blues but by the time I saw the email it was too late. So now I'm thinking turkins or RR's, than next year ordering true blues for a year rotation of birds.
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I always order at least five cockerels so I can choose the best two or three to keep.  I always keep at least two or three roosters (even when my hen numbers are lower than twenty) so if something happens to one, I still have at least one left.  It's best to have about one rooster per eight-twelve hens if you are breeding.  Even with my mixed flock of a couple dozen laying hens, I have several roosters, although if the True Blues work out well for us, the mixed flock will be dispersed.  (I have to admit, also, I just plain like roosters -- they are pretty; good ones help look out for the hens; and I enjoy the crowing.)


Generally the extra cockerels either find a home with someone else, or end up in the freezer or as 'BARF' (bones and raw food) dog food for my dogs.  



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Hi, If you ever consider selling a few, my grand-daughters wanted them to put into 4H. Thank you
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They will be cheap next year as everyone is going overboard with a new color. They do look like nice colored eggs. The adults do not look so appealing.
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I've got two 6-week old pullets.  Bought them at 5 weeks from someone here in Colorado who had 15.  They are the wildest, flightiest critters we've had so far.  We're working hard to get them used to us, but man!  I wonder if anyone else has had any experience with them.  I can't find anything at all online about temperament, but I'm getting a little worried about integrating them into our peaceful little flock. Here they are, shortly after arrival a week ago.  Hope I don't regret this decision.


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If you knew of anyone that has some for sale I would appreciate that. I would love to get some for my granddaughters to start 4H with
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I was hopefully getting 6 poults and one boy but they ran out. My others Lay Vivid blue eggs anyway and I get the chocolate color and the other normal colors. These are just popular because it's the first year. There will be a dime-a-dozen next year and I can wait.
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No kidding. I'm not sure it's worth all blue eggs. The lady who had some lives on Ine Colorado, but i think they're all spoken for. You want my two little demon chickens? We haven't made much headway with them.
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