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I've been reading up on llamas, and I've found that they could guard a herd of goats. But I'm unsure of the number of llamas. Some sites say llamas are very social and you need two to keep each other company. Others say if you only have one llama, they'll stay closer to the herd they're guarding, and won't go off to form a separate group. I'd like the llama(s) to guard a possible herd of goats, but I don't need them to, and I don't want a lonely llama to become depressed. What's best?

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Sorry, I just saw this post.  The best answer is to get a guard llama from someone who knows what they are selling.  Llamas do have different personalities.  Some are better guards than others and don't mind being in with sheep or goats.  There is a bonding time and once they have bonded with a herd, they can also be territorial about herd changes.  Do some research.  Make sure you spend some time with the llama as well.


Hope you get this. :-)

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Thanks for the response! What you said makes a lot of sense, I'll have to keep it in mind.
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