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Fowl pox vaccine

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My Silkies about 10 months old, and are laying eggs. Can I vaccinate them for fowl pox, I've been reading in the directions on sites that sell it that it should be given after 8 weeks of age or 4 week before they start laying. Is it too late to vaccinate?
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you can vaccinate at any age, it's often done at a later age to part of a flock to check for 'takes' (or lack of)  to see if the first vaccination took.

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Can the eggs be eaten after and can I incubate the eggs? If not how long do I wait?
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21 day withholding but eggs can be incubated during that time.
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My flock of 6 came down with the Fowl Pox.  The rooster looks really bad. :ep He can't see due to the pox covering his eyes. :cool: I have 6 chicks in the brooder box. :jumpy I'm going to vaccinate them before letting them interact with the flock.  I found this U tube video that helps.  Any other tips on age or administering the vaccine would be helpful.  I will vaccinate the whole flock when I do the chicks.  How often do I have to repeat?  :hide

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any chick that is vaccinated before 6 weeks of age will need a second vaccination after 10 weeks of age. 

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