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Thank you both, it is very interesting to see how everything started with us once we decided to keep chickens and how much it has developed in 4 years. We are constantly making changes and what we consider improvements.

loving my flock with their personalities, getting to know them and enjoy everyday I spend with them
loving my flock with their personalities, getting to know them and enjoy everyday I spend with them
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wow!  amazing and so well built!  i really like the idea of two coops at either end of a big run, really great.  nice going!

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So here's my progress on my addition to my dog house. Just gonna do a metal sloped roof & fill in the walls. Would've liked to get my platform all done tonight but I have to take out the current wall on the house to do it & I don't want to leave my girls w a big hole in the coop for tonight! Besides it's supper time & I'm tired of fighting this NE wind!!
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Day 2 of my reno. Got a couple windows framed in & a big door will be on the backside. Going to add 3 nest boxes on the short wall side. Alas I ran out of 8' 2x4s so I had to quit for the day. Thinking I'll add hardware cloth in the diagonals up to the metal roof for ventilation. The windows I'm adding are plastic & just for a little light- they won't open at all. Feel like I got a pretty good afternoon in.
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hardware cloth is what i used for my angles to the roof too, works well and relatively easy to manipulate into the space :)

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Thanks for the input. My work has come to a stop for a few days as it is apparently monsoon season here in Nebraska. Not sure I'll even get much done this weekend due to the weather :-(
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Lots of work done today on the addition. Gotta get the roof panels up another day. Adding another chicken door on the front & will add the nest boxes eventually- I figure I don't need them right away as there are 3 nest boxes on the backside of the original house. Did some fencing work & moved my gate. Added chicken wire around the bottom so nothing can get in from underneath. My 'littles' are enjoying the progress so far!
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All my initial construction is done now. Walls are up & insulated inside. Doors are in. Roof is done. Hardware wire up. Paint probably next weekend. Moving the little chicks in tonight. They are about 9 weeks old now. Figure I don't need the nest boxes yet- it'll be a while til the littles are laying. Will add those to the short wall side eventually. Pretty happy w my project considering I did it all myself. Just don't check any of my angles or measurements!
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2 coats of paint on today & also a layer of zinser primer initially. Can't believe I really did all this myself! Made some cute little shutters for the windows too but waiting for paint to dry first. Eventually I'll add 3 nest boxes on the short wall side. My husband calls it the Hilton Hotel. I might have to have a sign made. My girls & 1 roo are loving it. My initial coop was 30 sq ft. This added on about 48 sq ft. Yay me!!
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really nice!  I like the green color a lot.  what did you use for insulation?  i've been working on so many other projects i'm really behind on getting my sec once grow-out coop made.  i've only a few weeks before it needs to be completed and ready for move in!  O.O  i just finished a hearth for a new wood burning stove and about lost my mind on mitering the corners for the trim around it (on the 3rd trip to the supply store i really questioned my sanity)  :)  so needless to say, this new coop is gonna look like a caveman built it!


your end shape on this project is similar to what i'm thinking of making for this new grow out coop...  the main "box" or roosting area will be to the left with a rectangular extension area leading out to the right (primarily this is because of the shape of the area where i'll be putting the coop in the yard).  the entire framework will be made from driftwood i salvaged off the beach (i love driftwood) and then the rest will be from scrap wood i have laying around...  going to use a big wooden clock for the main door, an old piece of plexi that was on a picture that got donated will be for a big window (i think) and then i'll need to get some corrugated roofing material for the the top and and maybe even a few of the sides (the backyard is just a few sand dunes away from the ocean and we don't get a lot of rain but when we do it's a little crazy out there)...


can't wait to see the shutters on your finished addition!  i'll try and get my partner to snap some pics of the new coop as it gets built :)

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