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Homemade chicken first aid box

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I know I have seen these but I didn't want to buy one so I was wondering what all i am to put in one and should have thanks
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Has anyone had made or had experience with these thanks
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There is a long list of items people keep on hand for first aid. Some keep a lot, some keep a little.
I think it depends on your location, access to stores and supplies as well. Anyway, the minimum I  keep on hand is bluekote, antiseptic ointment, bandages, vitamins/electrolytes, syringes, gloves and scissors.
I'm sure others will chime in.
In the meantime here are a couple of links I found for you.

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Thanks I just was looking for a few things to keep on hand just in case nothing much just like he blukote and a few other things
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I would keep a minimum of first aid supplies, and as far as drugs, I would scout out what farm stores around you sell what antibiotics, wormers, and wound treatments, and just go buy them when you need them. Many drugs purchased only have a 1-2 year use by date. I keep Corid and Tylan on hand, but they usually expire on me before I have to use any.

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Yes but we don't go to town very often except to town in town but they don't have stores or anything that sells what I need so I have to go to Lewistown pa which would be our down town for stores and so we don't go there very often so that's why I was wanting to make one of these to have the stuff if I need it
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I keep Vetericyn, disposable gloves, Q-tips, and styptic powder in mine, and so far it has proved adequate for all the random accidents and broken pin feathers that have happened.

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Yes how much is that stuff as I didn't want to spend to much on stuff that could expire in a year or two
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Originally Posted by Roada Red View Post

Yes how much is that stuff as I didn't want to spend to much on stuff that could expire in a year or two

Vetericyn- 22.05 (Well worth the price)

Gloves- Varies, but there is some for 6.99

Q-Tips- Very cheap, you can find 500 for 2.98

Styptic powder- Varies, 8.78 for 1.5 oz


Again, the prices will vary depending on where you get them. That is just a general estimate.

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A lot of first aid items you probably have at home such as hydrogen peroxide, iodine or betadine, plain antibiotic ointment, flour to stop bleeding, honey or hemorrhoid cream to treat a prolapsed vent, and some gauze pads. Vet wrap can be purchased for $3, and good for many uses, especially bumblefoot dressings. If you just Google any drugs or items online, you can pretty much see what they cost. This sight has fairly good prices which match most of what I see locally:

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