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I'm sure they sell some of that stuff at my local noltz farm and garden just right up the road from me
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I agree with @Eggcessive check to see what is available close by or you can order online. Your home medicine cabinet may actually have some things already as she suggested.

I usually check what is available at the local Tractor Supply. We have 1 fairly close and then another a bit further away, also have 3 other local farm/feed supply stores as well, so I usually only get supplies as needed.

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I have a local tractor supply about 15 minutes away and then I have another one up by in Huntington pa by raystown lake
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Originally Posted by Roada Red View Post

I have a local tractor supply about 15 minutes away and then I have another one up by in Huntington pa by raystown lake

I've found that my local TSC carries most things that I would need if an emergency arises.

You may want to check with them to see what is available at your store. Usually you can look at your local store online, just put in your zip for location. Of course you can shop with them online as well.

The online resources that others have posted on this thread sound very good as well.

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Yes but in case of an emergency though we do t really go down town very often so tractor supply isn't really an option though if an emergency arises and my nota farm and garden they sell all sorts of stuff but I don't thinks they sell very much poultry items unless it's like wormer or water and feeders
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Oops noltz farm and garden
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2x @Eggcessive in post #10.

I would add fish-zole for emergency treatment of certain intestinal parasites. My Katy Pecky had giardia and if our vet hadn't given her metronidazole (Flagyl), I believe she would have died before the fish-zole arrived (even if sent overnight delivery). Our vet said if any in the rest of the flock got it, I could treat them with fish-zole because it's pretty much the same thing. I think it is also used to treat blackhead in turkeys, but I don't know if that's an overnight life-or-death thing. It's probably not expensive compared to a prescription from the vet; I think it's completely worth it.
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Ok it's a bit pricey for only 60 tablets how often does it expire thanks
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You're welcome. I bought it 10/2015 and it expires 08/2017, but I suppose there isn't a way to know in advance what the expiration date is of the bottle you'll receive. Thank you for bringing that up.

The 60 tablets are 250 mg each and our vet prescribed 50 mg twice each day for 7 days. We have standard size hens, so I don't know if the dosage would be different for bantams.

EDIT: I assume it would still be effective far past the expiration date, especially if the bottle is still sealed.
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Ok thanks I might get that then here where did u get it from
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