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Shriveled chicken comb

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Hi. I have a hen that was lathargic (not eating) and had goo coming out of her mouth when she drank. I figured it was sour crop. So I withheld food until morning, made her vomit, feed her yogurt and wet warmed chick feed. I also gave her tetracycline in case of infection. I've let her out now with the others and she does seem better but she still looks like she has a full crop and she doesn't move around as quickly. (She looks fat) I then thought that something maybe stuck in her crop so I gave her lots bread soaked in olive oil and sprinkled with grit. I did this for 3 days now! Still the same. Her poop looks norm, she is roosting but she's not laying. Any ideas?
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After she gets sick it takes a few days to start laying. I'm it so sure about why her crop is constantly full tho.
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Awwwwwe. Poor baby. Take her to te vet tomorrow.
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I'm thinking her crop is partially impacted. Which causes frequent sour crop. Will get her some meds from the vet. I don't want to pay for surgery, way too expensive out here
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Hopes she's better soon!!!
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