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Swollen Abdomen??? - Page 4

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Originally Posted by Wyorp Rock View Post

Sounds like fluid accumulation from the Ascites. Unfortunately gurgling and trouble breathing is associated with the condition. Were you able to drain any fluids?

The excess fluids can put internal stress on her organs, causing further complications.

Since she did have a crop issue before, she could have aspirated fluid from the crop  if it is not working properly.

Yes, we were able to drain her some, but then the needle for the syringe broke.  (Not when it was in her, thankfully!)  We got approx. 1/2 cup of fluid.  Her abdomen isn't as tight as before, but there's still fluid there.


She's been "leaking" some fluid from the holes, but again not much.  


The really bad gurgling has stopped now, thankfully, but she still has breathing problems.  Poor girl!  


Thanks, Wyorp Rock for posting!  

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Awww...poor thing.

Hopefully she will have some relief for a period of time.

Keep us updated.

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Okay, slightly better news now!  


After being drained, Cricket- the sick hen- got really, (and I mean really!) hungry!  That was a good sign, because she hasn't been hungry like that for a long time. She also hasn't been penguin walking as much, and seems to be more comfortable.  Last night she also slept like a normal chicken rather than leaning up in the corner. 

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Glad to hear!

You've been taking good care of her.

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How often should we be draining her?  

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I don't think there is a hard and fast rule on how often to drain.

From what I read here on BYC you would want to drain when she feels full of fluid (she will most likely be having a bit of trouble breathing as well).


How is she doing?

Better, worse or about the same?

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She's doing okay, but her abdomen is filling up again.  We'll have to drain her soon.  


Would it be alright to give her Nutri-Drench?  If so, how much?  

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I don't think the vitamins would hurt. Nutri-Drench is usually mixed by the gallon so if I'm looking at it right it is .25 fl.oz. (about 1 1/2 tsp) per gallon because she is older than 6 weeks. You will want to make fresh everyday.

Is she eating her food well?

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Thanks!  Yes, she's eating pretty good.  Likes amaranth (an "exotic" grain) better than her own feed, though.  

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Originally Posted by SuperChickRuth View Post

Thanks!  Yes, she's eating pretty good.  Likes amaranth (an "exotic" grain) better than her own feed, though.  

If she won't eat her own feed very well, you can try giving it to her wet. Just put some in a bowl and add warm water. I've found mine love wet food. You could add a bit of the amaranth to it to encourage her to eat her ration. While amaranth has well founded nutritional properties, she still need her poultry ration as well since she is sick. The poultry ration has vitamins, minerals and amino acids that chickens need to maintain health.

I'm glad she seem to be stabilized right now, I hope she continues to do well.

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