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poppy butts

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I have had my first group of ladies for about 3 days now. They are about 6 mo old red buffs. They seem to be doing great- laying, eatin, drinking, playing with each other. However they're back ends are strung with poop all in the feathers
We Bought nutrena good food and haven't given them any treats other than mealwo scratch. The poop on ground looks normal? How often do you guys have to bathe (or clean backsides) of your chickens? Is this normal or could the poop be slightly different since they are adjusting to their new home? Thanks!!
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First. :welcome


Since you only have these chickens for 3 days,  maybe nothing is wrong in the natural sense.   Is the poop in large amounts, or is it just streaks?    All depending on the type of  chicken and the fluffiness of feathers.   Some of my chickens do encounter small streaks of soiling, but it is soon cleared up by their own pecking, or dust bath.   You can give your girls a warm water bath, and then dry them up.   Most chicken gumdrops do exit and do not streak the feathers.     Just maintain giving them the food you have,  and clean water and see if situation clears up.. 

WISHING YOU BEST.. :thumbsup

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You can take a glove and pull of any dry droppings, and trim any excess feathers. I would bathe their vent areas in warm weather, but not in winter temperatures unless bringing inside to dry overnight. These droppings sometimes get stuck more often in winter, but in summer if not removed, they can get flystrike and maggots which can be deadly. Most of my hens never have this problem, but some always do, so I guess it can be the way they are shaped. 

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They may have worms. Do you worm them already? If it's not worms, I'd stop giving them the treats to see if that fixes it.
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