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Blind Chicken

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This is one of our Dominique chickens, she will be a year old in March 2016. In about October this year, it seemed like she started sleeping more, eyes closed all the time. Still ate and drank. In December, it seemed like she could not see so well, and started to stop roosting. Both eyes are swollen very large, there is zero discharge from her nose, or eyes, no terrible smell either. Her eyes are cloudy and a little wavy looking. She is just about completely blind at this point. If she gets spooked by the other chickens she runs until she finds a corner and tries to hide. They pick on her something fierce if she is off roost. We take her off roost and let her eat and drink every day and put her back on roost when she is done, she waits there for us every day. Seeking the protection of the roost from the other chickens. She acts very normal when we are in the coop watching her after we place her in front of the feeder and drinker. She even still tries to scratch the ground when she is eating. We have not given her any antibiotics yet, other than the very swollen eyes and not being able to see she has no other symptoms, and seems very healthy other than that she cant see. She eats and drinks till her crop is full then chirps a bit to signal for us to put her on roost for another 24 hours. I called a vet tech service they possibly suggested cataracts (which they said is very rare) or corneal lesions? How do we fix corneal lesions if that's it? Any thoughts? or do we put her down? It does not look like there is physical damage to her eyes as if another chicken pecked them.



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I don't really know about this, but I found these links that might help. Best of luck!!!
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You and I are in the same boat.    My chicken is also blind, but due to a dog  attacking  her  in July 2015.   She eats and drinks when   I place her in front of food.      She moves around and does find the feed by herself also.     I think it may be with her sense of smell :idunno.


She no longer lays eggs but did until the attack.   She is 10 years old this coming  Easter.   Just by coincidence, she is a EE. 


She is healthy so I will keep taking care of her till the natural end.   I think you may feel same fulfillment if you do the same. 


This is pix before the attack.   She now looks same and has eyes the same, but  not functional. 



I do not have any knowledge on any possible remedies for your hen.  Lets see what others suggest. :)

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how do you keep your other chickens from attacking her?

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They have all been together for a long time.  All hens.    I have just a small flock of 8, and 5 are banties.   The 2 RIR are fine with her around.    They are about 2 years old..  

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