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Opinions/advice on broken shipped hatching eggs?

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First time posting here... Was hoping for some advice on how to best handle this situation. I have ordered hatching eggs from various sellers off of eBay. All-in-all, experiences have been more or less positive. Recently, I won an auction for Silver Laced Orpingtons that cost a pretty penny... Was so excited to finally get ahold of hatching eggs... Until the package arrived.
Don't get me wrong, I understand the gamble of ordering hatching eggs and shipping them... In the few cases I have dealt with eggs broken upon arrival, the seller either had already sent additional in case of breakage, or at the very least was beyond gracious and sent out replacement eggs. In those cases, I either paid shipping on the replacements or they offered to send on them, which was unexpected but much appreciated.

This is what I received in the mail for SL orpington eggs. Take note of the dried yolk stains on the box flaps and edge:

Eggs were loosely packed in an enclosed styro egg carton with a loose sheet of bubble wrap on top. All of the eggs were broken.

The seller, while somewhat empathetic, didn't have much to offer beyond replacing eggs down the road once their orps start laying more again. That seemed reasonable enough...

Pics of my conversation with the seller are attached below:

My message is below with seller's response on the top.

Next image is my response (bottom of image) and their follow up (again, top):

This conversation occurred back on January 30th.

On the 7th, they put up a new listing for SL Orp eggs again... Surprised me, especially since I heard nothing about offering any replacements. I contacted them and again, same format - my message on bottom, their response on top:

I don't want to act rashly, but I was a bit miffed that I am basically being told that if/when they get what they deem as "extra eggs", they will send them then, but as they stated, they don't know when they will have extras. Correct me if I am wrong - would you as a seller resend a person's order that arrived like mine before listing another auction? I again understand the risks associated with shipping eggs, but I don't feel like those eggs were packaged securely enough to begin with, which is likely why they broke in shipment as badly as they did. The box itself appeared a bit boogered up, but the contents were shaken up enough that yolk leaked onto the outside of the box. Would it be appropriate to file a claim on the seller in this situation? I didn't mind waiting on eggs and I would have gladly paid shipping to get replacements. It's just upsetting to be basically told when they feel they have enough eggs as extras, they will attend to me then, yet here it is mid February, and I have seen at least 2 auctions, possibly a 3rd (didn't check the 3rd one to see if it was theirs) by this seller, and no attempts to make this shipment right. The eggs themselves cost roundabouts $100 with shipping for exactly 4 eggs, no extras, which is painful when this is what I ended up receiving. The ad does not state anything about their policy on replacement of broken eggs, but at the same time, it does not state that they do no replace broken eggs, either... Hope I worded that right.
All I really wanted at this point was a replacement of the original eggs that were destroyed in shipment, or at least the money back to get those eggs from someone else... Took a lot to get the funds together for those eggs, only to have them destroyed from what appeared to be a questionable pack job and no ability to replace them now, either.
Any feedback in this situation would be hugely appreciated. We recently moved to a beautiful farm after dealing with some nonsense at my previous residence; I have been picking out some fun, beautiful breeds of chickens to raise with my daughter. She is severely autistic. Purchases like this one are painful, but worth the price to see her enjoying her chickens and having something we can share together. This was so disheartening to open the box and see the mess that was supposed to be her/my eggs. Thankfully, this was an isolated experience, but on the most expensive egg purchase I had made to date... Ugh!
Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read and for your input!
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IMO, the packing was partially to blame.  I've never sent, or received eggs.  But, have done a bit of reading on what seems to work for people.  Most effective seems to be double boxing with lots of bubble wrap.  IMO, egg cartons are for eggs to be eaten, not shipped!  One shipper places burrito bubble wrapped eggs in the inner box, with all eggs packed upright such that they can't move, then cushions the inner box diagonally with lots of packing to secure it from movement in an outer box. Boxes labeled fragile, or live embryos, or eggs do not seem to get any special treatment.  One shipper labels her boxes:  "Caution, syrup packed in glass".  Says those boxes tend to come through very well!  If you can leave negative feed back on this seller, you can go this route.  If that's an option, you might contact them again, letting them know that you are hoping to hold off on doing a feed back report until the problem is resolved.  Then, give them a date by which you expect the next shipment.  You can also tell them how you want your eggs packed.  At $25/egg, they should be willing to comply. 

Ephesians 2:10  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.


Ephesians 2:10  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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I dont think this seller will resend you eggs. They are just blowing you off. Give them a bad review on ebay.
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I would file a claim. She is trying to put you off until too late for you to file.
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Thank you all so much for the responses thus far. If the eggs arrived intact and I got a 0% hatch, so be it... That's the gamble of hatching eggs shipped to me... Would stink nonetheless but it is what it is. To have a box handed to me that had dried yolk on the outside, and an egg carton oozing with the yolks of what were my and my daughters long awaited silver laced orpingtons... I didn't even want to open the egg carton. Every seller I have dealt with to this point has been more than helpful with any issues that would arise. I had a box shipped to me from two states away that arrived far more boogered up (it was getting to the point that every box that came to me, regardless of where it came from arrived boogered up... I was starting to think the usps were using my boxes as stools or kickballs after awhile! 😁) and despise the condition of the box, what saved the eggs was the seller's solid pack job... Box in box, eggs secured in various ways within the second box to minimize the chance of jostling and breaking them. They are in my incubator right now and so far 75% still look good... I thank my lucky stars for that, heh... Hatch rates varied in similar instances, but at least we were given what we ordered and expected - intact, fertile eggs. I'm good with that. I contacted the seller and expressed my feelings of frustration at seeing listings going up and yet, no attempts at rectifying the broken eggs, and asked to either get a replacement order shipped, whether I pay pen they pay shipping, at this point, I don't care - I just want what we originally won and ordered - intact, fertile eggs. If that's not an option, to please kindly refund the egg cost so I can buy them elsewhere. I can't and won't hold a seller responsible for the circus that is the usps with handling these packages, but I find it disappointing that those eggs I paid a pretty penny for couldn't get a pack job comparable to eggs I paid a quarter of that cost for so that mayhaps when the clowns at my post office feel the need to use my box as a stepping stool or whatever (pardon the light humor... Always try to find the humor in a poor situation like this... Makes it hurt a wee bit less), at least the eggs stand a fair chance to resisting breakage. To pay $100+ and get exactly 4 eggs, or rather, egg soup... That was a bit salty, especially when I don't see any attempt to try to make the situation right as more listings go up. Was hard enough for me to stomach the loss... Imagine the frustration of trying to explain to a severely autistic 5 year old girl why this egg soup won't become a chicken anymore... Ugh. That was not a fun box opening day here.
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