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The Valentine Chick

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Hey everyone! So I just had a chick hatch! I have a few questions about him/her..
1.) Its crossed with a White Leghorn mother and a Black Australorp father. Now it's possible that the father is a Speckled Sussex however the alpha rooster in the coop is a Black Australorp. (The SS rooster is 5 months old). I have a chick before hatch out of a white egg from a white hen (she was a mix of I don't know what) and another Black Australorp rooster. Every time a white egg would hatch it would be a white chick, but had a black father. I always assumed black was a dominant trait, but the chicks always have some black spots in their down. Could someone possible explain that to me?
2.) These eggs weren't supposed to hatch until Tuesday (feb 16th) (full 21 days) but this one hatched today (feb 14th)! Is this because White Leghorns hatch sooner?

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Your Black Australorp rooster X White Leghorn hen cross is a very common cross marketed by hatcheries under the name Austra White. Austra Whites are white with some black flecking and are wonderful hybrids combining the laying ability (off-white eggs) and good feed conversion of the White Leghorn with the hardiness and calm and gentle temperament of the Black Australorp. I have posted a photo of Cackle Hatchery's Austra Whites below.

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Oh wow they're beautiful!
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