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Broody hen

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We have a Buff Orpington that is always broody.  We decided to get her some fertile eggs and this weekend the temps dropped to -8F.   We put the eggs under her Saturday afternoon and Sunday she got off the eggs for a few hours to go outside.   It's typical that we finally get her the eggs she wants and she gets off the eggs for a few hours.


My question is:

Are we wasting time and her energy now that the eggs were at low temperatures for a few hours?  

Should I just give her new eggs?  

They only cost a $1 each and she is sitting on 7. 

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If I have a hen on eggs and it is cold, I supervise her off time. Right now I am hatching eggs with incubator, I have a broody, but it is 30 degrees at night, so I am not going to trust her with them.

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most broodies should be off the eggs 15-20min.

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She abandoned them.   I cracked them open and found blood so at least she was incubating them appropriately. 

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