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hen wheezing very distressed

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Last night, she was stretching out her neck, and opening her mouth.  She would cough/sneeze, then be quiet. Didn't seem stressed, just like she gotten some dust in her nose.  This morning, her comb is blueish she is very stressed, i took her out of the coop, massaged her neck. Her crop is very full.... Any suggestions?

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Welcome to BYC. She may have a respiratory infection. Has she been eating and drinking? Is her crop full and hard, or is it soft like there is food in there? An impacted or sour crop can cause neck movements and opening of the beak, and sometimes they can get a little crop contents into the throat to make it sound rattly. I would try to distinguish between a crop problem, and a respiratory disease such as infectious bronchitis, mycoplasma (MG,) coryza, ILT,or others. Respiratory infections usually cause sneezing, watery or foamy eye drainage, nasal secretions, and wheezing or rattly breathing. Here is a good link to read about crop problems and respiratory diseases:

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