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Swollen eye

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I have one chicken that has been sick for a couple weeks, we have 3 chickens that are doing great.  I tried antibiotics for a couple weeks and no improvement.  She does not hang with the others and seems lethargic.  Her eye area is very swollen (red) and foaming in the beginning but now has crust on the eyes.  She opens her mouth like she is stretching or trying to "pop her ears".

There is an odor to this chicken that I do not smell with the others.  Any ideas?

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Does anyone have any idea what is the cause of this swollen eye problem? I have an Old English hen, I'm not sure how old she is but she seems to have the same symptom's and and the same problem.

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Welcome to BYC. Respiratory diseases such as mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and infectious coryza can cause swelling around an eye with conjunctivitis and sinus infection. Coryza is more likely to have a very bad odor, but probably any infection can make her have an "off" odor. MG is typically treated with Tylan, oxytetracycline, or Gallimycin. Coryza can be treated with those or Sulmet. Testing can be done through your state vet or local extension service to determine the disease. These diseases can make carriers of your flock for life, which is why some people cull these chickens. Here is a good link to read that includes info about these and other diseases:

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