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So my husband and I both ate 2 eggs each from our flock Saturday. We just got our hens last week from a local reputable farm and thesr are the first eggs fr them we have ate. Mine were fully cooked- he likes his runny. Well,I feel fine. However, he has shown signs of *either* the stomach flu or salmonella. High fever, aches, chills. Diarrhea. I can't remember the last time he was sick- he had great immunity from living outside of the countru several years ago- which makes me lean towards salmonella.

Have any of y'all gotten salmonella from your eggs? If so - how did you treat the chickens of it?

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I havnt had a problem in the past.
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You can take a fecal sample from your chickens to your vet and they can test to see if they are positive or negative for Salmonella.
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Sarah, Salmonella Gallinarum, Fowl Typhoid, is treatable with Amoxycillin, Potentiated Sulponamide, Tetracyclines and Flouroquinolones
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You can find important information at this site: ;Diagnostic's and Treatment ; How can Salmonella infections be diagnosed.
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Hope you guys get better soon.
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Your welcome!
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