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Snow Birds Picture Story

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See the snow falling?




Pixie is out & does not like it.


She flies back to enclosed run & gives me a butt shot.


Little Silk is thinking about it.


Next Day: While I am scooping the coop & raking the run

(see yellow Tidy Cats bucket in background?)

Pixie & Dust survey the damage.


Millie is not impressed.


Big Silk aka Ms. Independent does not care. She flies the coop.


The Millies cannot believe it! They just watch her from above.


Big Silk strutting her stuff.


Pixie remembers yesterday & warns Little Silk to "Don't do it!"


Big Silk continues to strut.

Flamboyantly flaunting the fact that the snow does not bother her one bit.


Little Silk does not appreciate the taunting.


Dust flies back to the enclosed run to inquire why Pixie as hopped back in.

Little Silk is still undecided.


Dust asks Pixie why she is not coming out to play.

Little Silk continues to weigh her options.

Stay here & be taunted or jump down & give Big Silk the what for.

Millie is enjoying the show.


Jumping down it is! Big Silk here I come!


"Well, look at that," Dust tells Pixie. "Little Silk is on the move. The small one is braver than you!"

Milles scoots away.


Little Silk finds Big Silk & Dust jumps down to referee.


"Are you sure you want to get in the middle of that?" asked Pixie.

Little Silk stares at Big Silk's head real hard. To peck or not to peck?


"Don't even think about it," barks Big Silk. Little Silk looks away. "Who me?" asks Little Silk sheepishly. "I wasn't going to do anything."


Now we are not talking to each other.


Oh, man. What to do what to do.


I think I can. I think I can.


Millie watches Pixie throw a conniption fit on whether or not to jump down.


Silly chicken. Let me show you how it is done.

"See, here I go" Millie says to Pixie.


Chicken prints.


"...or maybe not."


Chicken prints.

Chicken prints.


And more chicken prints.


Every chicken is waiting on Pixie.


And they continue to wait.


Then they all decide that Pixie is on her own. Enough waiting.


Let's eat!


Pixie if you do not hurry up you are not going to get any grain.


That does it! Pixie flies out and runs every chicken off. My grain!


Dust is the first chicken to return for her portion.


Then they all return.




















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Very cute! Lovely bantams!

Hello! I am a paleontology nerd, chicken mom, and horse rider who is just starting High School 
Hello! I am a paleontology nerd, chicken mom, and horse rider who is just starting High School 
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Thanks! I love my girls. They are such a joy.

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