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Chicken with open mouth breathing.

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We have a German Spitz who has had some breathing problems.  Originally when we brought her in, you could hear gurgling. That was last Wednesday.  We have had her on about 3/8cc  of Tylan 50 once a day since then.  Sitting her typing this, it sounds like she still has some sort of gurgling


What would our next step be?

She is eating and drinking.  Right now I am giving her a flock feed 18% crumble, a little oatmeal in the morning once in a while. Both her and the little 10 year old d'Uccle chicken who is keeping her company also got about 8 drops of Poly-Visol in the water bowl over the weekend just to help them out.  The little d'Uccle was kinda seperating herself from the others.


I do have the Penicillin G Procane 300,000u here.  



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Is she having any problems with her crop emptying? How does it feel? If there is no crop problem, then the gurgling would probably be due to a respiratory disease. I would be worried to bring in a new chicken that might have a contagious disease such as MG or others that might make all of the others carriers. Tylan can help symptoms but not prevent her from be a carrier. Can you get her tested locally? Have you called the person you bought her from? Look for watery or foamy eyes, nasal drainage, coughing or sneezing.

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We have had her since she was a chick. She is about a year old now. She did have nasal drainage before, but not right now. Not since we started the Tylan treatment. She is coughing or sneezing. When I said that we brought her in, I meant into the house. With it getting down to -10f here over the weekend, we felt she needed to be inside to heal.
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Okay, well then I would read about infectious bronchitis, ILT, aspergillosis, and MG in this link:


You're right about bringing her inside for warmth since chickens with respiratory infections can chill and have problems keeping their temperature up. With Tylan 50, you can give it orally twice a day. 


 She is really gasping in the video. Has there been any mold in the coop or run? If her problem is a virus (such as bronchitis or ILT) then the disease would probably not respond to the Tylan. But it can help to prevent secondary infections. Aspergillosis is caused by mold, and can cause silent gasping. If she is not better soon, I would probably take her to a vet who could prescribe stronger antibiotics such as Baytril.


Let us know how she gets along. She is pretty, and I love the looks of spitzhaubens.

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