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New to Chickens!

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Hey guys, Love the site!

I am very new to owning chickens, but my stepdad moved and had to give his up, so I threw together a coop, using some of the resources I had. Because I am new to owning chickens, I am curious as to advice to make sure my chickens are okay. We live outside of Baton Rouge, LA, so it is definitely hot and humid down here. Also, this means that since it rains a lot, it can be hard to keep my coop/run dry. The entire coop/run is 8'x12'. Some of my concerns are what type of bedding would work best for this, what are some ways to make sure they don't overheat, and how many chickens could this coop hold. I'll attach some pictures, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!





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Some of the pictures were taken a couple of months ago, and the last two were taken from this past weekend.

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Many people say sand is good for moisture (article here), and the coop should have 4 sq ft per bird, with 10 sq ft per bird of run space (if the birds are allowed to free range, less run space is needed).

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I second the sand recommendation. In the run, you could even put a layer of gravel down first, then sand to facilitate even quicker drainage. Scoop daily to remove poo and sprinkle in some Sweet PDZ to control odors if it gets whiffy.
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