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What do I have?

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These chicks are all three weeks old. Any ideas?


These two are bantams. The eggs were hatched by one of my girls.


The rest were hatched in an incubator.



Fuzzy feet, no fluffy cheecks


Fuzzy Feet, Fluffy Cheeks


Clean feet, Fluffy Cheeks

Weird tall sparsely feathered chick. His wing tips don't have feathers on them at all.

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Are you looking for gender or breed? I think we still need a couple of weeks before we can help determine the sex. 

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I was hoping for breed. Theyre still pretty little to sex.
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Especially in regards to that last one... ive never seen one feather like he is.
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Do you know what eggs you put in the incubator? I'm not really an expert, but it looks like maybe the two bantams in the top picture are seramas? Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. 

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No idea. They were from someone with a bunch of different breeds. Could be anything or a mix of anything.
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Looks like you may have some easter egger in there? Sorry, I'm not familiar with a lot of breeds.

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