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Just lost a favorite young hen

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Well, I started to get on to post an emergency, but my granddaughter's favorite chick just died in my arms. It is almost certainly internal, she never did lay like other hens and, when she did, it was a very small egg.  Anyway, could any of you experienced chicken keepers tell me the best, quickest way to purchase a white, bearded EE pullet.  There is no need to tell our granddaughter Miss Posey passed away if we can find a replacement because our granddaughter is just pre school age.  Yes, we are trying to pull a fast one in order not to cause little grandchild grief.  I would so appreciate any help or advice.  I thank you sincerely in advance!

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I would suggest looking on Murray McMurray hatchery to see if you could order some
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Thanks!  Will try.

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