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My chicks are dying, please help.

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Hi all. I picked up 4 chicks from the feed store 6 days ago and I've lost two, one last night and one the night before. They die within an hour of displaying any symptoms. I first notice them not being as playful and vigerous. The develop wry neck and walk in circles for 20 minutes and or so. Always loudly chirping which is heart breaking. The end up calapsing, not able to move and breathing heavy. They also had watery poo. Within the hour they passed away. They are on medicated starter and have super clean conditions with appropriate temperature. After the first chick died I added a chick boost supplement to their water.
One is a barred rock the other is a golden sex-link.

Any recomendations for meds? Thanks!
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You mustve gotten them from a bad feed store

what were the conditions they were in when you got them?

They couldve gotten some disease

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The were in raised chick brooder a, everything seemed clean. I could see it being possible that they weren't warm enough though, there were tons of chicks and it looked like they were under a high watt red typical lamp bulb. Also they came in a day late, maybe they were being shipped longer than usual.
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