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Is Pip a roo or hen???

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Ok this is pip the gray and white speckeled one. We raised him\her from an egg she\he is a mix breed from a local person. Pip is now 6 almost 7 months old right now i havent gotten any eggs because its so cold but up till now we were pretty sure Pip was a big hen. Well yesterday Pip started crowing she\he only crowed a handful of times then nothing else. then again today nothing until mid day and we are crowing again. And today he\she mounted another hen. Is this just a dominate hen acting roo or a roo? Pip is our favorite and we would hate to have to get ride of her\him because we had to get rid of a rooster because it bugged our neighbors. There are no spurs or curly or long tail feather.
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Do you see how different the back feathers are? Those are male saddle feathers. It's a boy.

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It does look like a rooster. There is a product called a

NO CROW ROOSTER COLLAR you could look into. I just

have 2 hens and they make enough noise as it is that I

worry about the neighbors too !

Good luck with Pip

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He was a roo, we had tried the collars before on another rooster but it didn't work enough. I say was because he made his way into the soup pot, sadly one our newest chicks have just started crowing :( its not very often so I am dragging my feet!

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I know it's not easy but I'm sure you can find him a good home where Roosters are allowed if you put forth the effort...

especially since he's so friendly.

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You will be able to identify the roosters in your flock between weeks 5 to 7. The males will have more developed combs and wattles, are usually larger (but not always) and will be attempting to crow. There is not a good way to keep your roosters from crowing outside of finding a new home for your rooster. 

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