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Originally Posted by DesertChic View Post

Loving this thread @Roada Red
! Your birds are beautiful! I've been considering Salmon Faverolles for a while, but worry that all that fluff will make them too uncomfortable in the desert heat here.

@Beer can
 I knew you had Jersey Giants, but I don't think I've ever seen these photos before. They look HUGE! I've recently been considering this breed as well.

If you get the feeling that I covet a lot of breeds, you'd be right. If only I had about ten more acres and a much bigger budget. wink.png breeds. I have a lot of them. I started keeping chickens a little more than a year ago with the intention of having fresh eggs. Then I decided fresh meat should be part of the equation too. I began with hatchery Barred Rocks, Australorps and Silkies and still have most of them. (I culled the two Silkie cockerels). Then I added NN Turkens, which I really love, Bielefelders, White Rocks, EE, and what were supposed to be pure Dorkings but turned out to be Dorking-mixes, and what was supposed to be a pure Ameraucana but turned out to be a mix as well. Since then I've bred some barnyard mixes as well as maintained a line of pure NNs. 

I'd love to keep a flock of pure Bielefelders but have found the breed to be too heat sensitive, so I'm trying to cross them to improve heat tolerance. Here are some of my pure Biels, hanging out with some of my NNs and WRs:

Thanks I was considering getting some of those but I have been leaning torward black jersey Giants and silkies
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Originally Posted by ronott1 View Post

@Roada Red

As the thread starter, you can go back to the first post and click the edit button at the bottom left of the page. You will be able to edit that post for about 6 weeks and then it will be locked. If you want to change what it says on that post, go ahead and make it perfect for you!

Ok I will take a look at it and maybe make some changes to it does anyone else think I should add to the first post or change
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Ok I think I got it the way I want it any one is more than welcome to share what u think of the changes I made to the first post
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I just got back into chickens last year after a long absence. I spent a year researching the breeds, and decided on Buckeyes as my primary breed of choice. I also have some dark cornish, and some mixed layers. I have a few projects in mind, but because my birds are so young it will take me a while to get there- my primary project is to breed a pea combed dual purpose chicken that lays a white egg. I'm thinking it will be more of a landrace rather than a breed, I like the surprises you get when you hatch crosses.

I plan to breed the Buckeyes to the standard of perfection and for production, the Cornish primarily production, second to standard. I got the cornish as an afterthought ( I like the colour and the pea comb) but I'm quite taken with them



and plan to keep them around as a pure breed. I only have one Buckeye rooster, he's a bit too fluffy, small and short in the back to breed, and sadly my Cornish rooster dropped dead last fall, probably a heart attack.  So this year I have big plans, a lot of hatching eggs coming...

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What a good chioce they are really pretty birds what all are they mixed with to get that nice red color are they like Rhode Island reds or what here is mine out playing in the rain this morning
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Mine are out playing in the rain they look like drowned rats
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Ok since some people have started coming to this thread I am going to start taking requests for things to put in the notes and I will update the notes of things once a week or I might do it every two weeks i will take all the notes from every one and put them all together
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Hello since everyone is getting off work about now I will be taking nots let me no what u think should be in them and I will add them and I will update the nots once a week
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The Buckeyes are a pure breed, similar to Rhode Island reds and similar in colour.  The Cornish are pure dark Cornish, double laced, black and brown, and they breed true too. The other hens are a mystery mix, I don't know their background at all so their colours won't breed true. 

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ok I was wondering if they bred true or not nice birds by the way

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