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Clear Eye Discharge from Chick

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I have a bantam silkie who is  a little over a week old and she has a "leaky" left eye. Her eye is barely swollen but leaks clear fluid constantly. She acts just fine though. She eats and drinks and is very active. I bought a terramycin for her eye as well as a saline solution to rinse the eye.

What is it? Will it go away? Is it harmful to her?

Id post pictures but theres really not much to see other than a pretty normal looking eye with clear goo and some messed up fuzz around it.

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It sounds like you are doing the right things. Where did you get her? Could she have been pecked around her eye? Mycoplasma (MG) infection and ammonia fumes from droppings or poor ventilation can cause watery eyes as well.

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I got her from a local store. Previous chicks from there have had no problems. She may have been pecked at while she was there. I keep their area very clean by cleaning it either daily or the very next day. She is very sweet and i hope it clears up soon, whatever it is. Thank you for your reply.
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You're welcome, and I hope so too. Mycoplasma is probably less of an issue since she didn't come from another flock or breeder. Let us know how she gets along. The Terramycin is good, and Vetericyn Eye Gel would be a good alternative.

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