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Coop run ground cover

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My run is always muddy after rain or during winter. Was thinking of covering it with either mulch or pea gravel. Any suggestions on either? Thanks!
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I like the idea of the mulch but have u thought of the deep litter method if u do the pea gravel it would be stone and they wouldn't be able to dust bath
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I haven't thought of the litter since my outside run is pretty large. I'll prbly do mulch, they like to scratch around in it around our house. Plus it's easy to add more as I need it. We have really sandy ground by our foundation that they lay and dust bathe in!
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Ok well I would recommend the mulch but I have a big run also and I might be doing that in the spring but I don't want the mulch in mine but I am going to be doing the deep liter method it's free and cheap and don't smell
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I plan to try to DLM mine (once it gets built).  Some people use sand and pea gravel but I keep envisioning a large litter box and me constantly out there scooping up manure.  I know that no method is maintenance free, but if I can clean something several times a year, as opposed to weekly, i am going to give that a shot.  I plan to throw in lawn clippings, leaves, garden scraps, etc. Enough to keep the ground covered.  If that doesn't work I'll research plan B.

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Ok well if u do the deep litter method u have to clean it out once a year or more and u don't have to turn it or dig through it to get the manure the chickens turn through it and helps it decompose
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Ok, I really never looked into the deep litter method. I thought it involved kitty litter and sifting poop out regularly!!! If ur telling me I can use grass clippings tell me more! I mow 2 1/2 acres and have enough grass if I rake it to bury a Volkswagen! How does it work?
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Ok well I could find the link of a video showing how to do it and u can use grass clippings dirt watermelon rines anything thing it just decomposes and they chickens turn through it
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Thank you!! This site is awesome!!
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