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Squatting Rooster, Help!

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My Rooster Oreo has been acting really strange lately. But now
its getting worse. He keeps squatting and his tail feathers point down. He will walk just find and when he stops, he starts slowly squat. No mites, no Lice, no exterior injuries, no cough, nothing. Just hoping to see if anyone else has had this happen?

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How old is he? Is he sitting or walking on his hocks or elbows? Is he having problems with balance? Make sure that he is eating and drinking well, and put some poultry vitamins with electrolytes in  his water. Makesure it contains riboflavin (Vitamin B 2.)Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease? Do you have other roosters that could have injured him?

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I don't know if he was vaccinated or not😢. He is only 7 months old. No other roosters, and he isn't walking on his elbow. He can walk and run fine, but if he stops he topples over. Just gave him 1ml of B Complex. It has b2 b6 b12 in it. I wish I could up load the video.
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