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boil up 2 or 3 ears of corn, slice off enough to make a hexagon shape of the cob.  give them the cobs to play with, they'll love you forever.  give them the corn tips you sliced off, or eat them yourself.


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Yes room is defiantly important!!! So if they have enough room here is what I do. We have 8 chicks right now, and 2 tiny plastic trays of chick feed, and a chick waterer. We put pebbles in the waterer for 2 reasons. One they are attracted to the shiny of it so it helps keep them hydrated and two because while they are very little it keeps them from drowning. We took the pebbles out this morning because they are almost a full week and won't drown and know how to drink well. Our chicks didn't seem very impressed with the he brooder so we added a sturdy twinge in one corner of the box for them to roost on. They scratch in their food for fun, and peck at the side of the box if there is a tiny speck lol. But what I found they love the most, is one of those small organic planters. Pic below🔽 They peck at it and drag it around and turn it over and roost on it. Love it!!

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