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The girls' first night in the coop went well! I went out to check right around 6 this morning and they were glaring at me for waking them!! I can't wait until we fully finish the coop and run area
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I did lose one but she was really small and I didn't realize that until I got her home, she never really acted right. Honestly I might have overdosed her on electrolytes trying to save her. The chart on the blue ribbon electrolyte was pretty confusing and I've been mixing meds etc for animals my whole life so watch out for that and use the least potent dosage if you have a sickly one.

She was probably a FTT chick from the beginning because I replaced her the next week with another of the same breed and nugget the second was way bigger on day 1 than nugget the first ever was...

Just keep in mind that it happens 😕 oh and mine came from the feed store the day they arrived. The rest are all happy and healthy
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I have 6 two week old Australorps. One of them has a single feather sticking out. Has anyone else seen this.
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We are about to be new parents!!!  Tomorrow is our 'due date'!!  Brooder is all set-up and currently holding steady around 92-93 degrees...
6 new chicks are coming tomorrow! We'll have 2 black sex, 2 red sex and 2 white leghorns. We currently have 3 Mille Fleur bantams, approx 5 years old... 

We won't be moving our new girls to their coop until 5-6 weeks... Any issues with introducing them to the old girls? 
Thanks!! and soon excited, I won't be able to sleep!! 

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My daughters and I are excited to pick up our first ever chicks Wednesday. One red sex link, one Easter egger, one silver laced Wyandotte, and a copper Maran. The plan was to be able to tell the difference between all the eggs laid. We will be using a Pendulum to pick out our chicks for the clutches to determine if they are hens or roosters. Does anyone know at what age u know if they are a Roo or hen?
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Perhaps it's all taboo what I'm doing, but I'm ok with being a rebel, I suppose. But my broody hen adopted my chicks (these are my first chicks, as I got the other girls when they were a year old). And I've already let them out in a small run outside the coop. They're really enjoying everything! It's fun seeing Mama Tempe call to her babies that theres food, and then they all come running to her. Makes my heart melt. <3

I enjoy watching my new mama hen out with her wee ones. She's been truly enjoying being a mommy. <3
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I've let my girls out and about in my yard on the first day I picked them up from the local feed store. They enjoyed the warmth of the sun, and it was fun to watch them debate grass vs mulch. Outside play is always under close watch of their human mommy hen of course!
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I'm glad I'm not alone! It's fun watching them go about. She has 13, so I'm nervous about letting her loose with all of them just yet. They're so naughty! Lol
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Nope, definitely not alone. We spend a good half hour to an hour a day outside. if not weather permiting, the girls each get individual cuddles with their human momma hen while we watch tv in our lazyboy chair!

This pic is of some of the girls overtaking my husband... he looks soo thrilled (j/k).

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Bahahaha! We are too similar! I brought one of my babies into bed with us one morning. 😂 And I bring them inside when husband isn't home. Lol!

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