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Aggressive Coturnix Hens?!

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I just added a new Male to my pen of Silver, Cream, lavender, and a few secret mutation Coturnix wink.png I placed the male in the pen, he quickly mounted several hens...shortly after, a few of the hens started giving him QUITE a hard time. I've never had an issue with female aggression. I was expecting some quarrels between the males, but they have no problem with each other. Do you guys have any experience with agro hens, or tips to reduce the aggressive behaviour?

The pen is 6ft long and 3ft deep with a sand box and a laying box/retreat. I have 7 hens and now 2 males in the pen. I've been getting tons of eggs from them (natural light), but would really like this new male to breed with the hens. He's absolutely gorgeous and the only male I have in that particular mutation.

I could always separate the aggressive hens, but it's the perfect group to get the mutations I want.

I know my male to female ratio isn't textbook ideal, but I know it can be done. I have other pens with 3 males and 5 hens. They have NO issues whatsoever, no aggression and the hens are in perfect feather.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! smile.png
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Perhaps try leaving him in a pen beside them for a few days before placing him with the hens? And I'd probably remove the other roo as well. The hens probably think one is plenty and as they were fine with the old one, they don't want the new one there.

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when adding a new one I try to put in a transport cage inside main cage for a day to get everyone familiar.  When ready to release I also disrupt the main cage by either moving stuff around or adding a bunch of fresh sand or hay.   by the time the party stops everyone forgets who is new

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Thanks for the replies and tips! I'll definitely make use of them next time. The girls have settled down and all the Quail are behaving normally. Can't wait for chicks from these guys!
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I usually just let things play out unless they are drawing blood. Coturnix can get pretty rough.

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