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rooster with broken beak

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My two roosters have decided to start fighting. Tonight my big rooster got his beak broken. Any suggestions on helping the beak? I dont know if he will be able to eat or not.
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It may depend on how badly it is broken. It looks like a chicken whose beak has been clipped. I would Google "broken beak in a chicken" and look at the second and fourth links--TheChickenChick and Tillysnest for info. Also go to the top of this page and enter tose words in the search box, and there will be pages of threads to read. For feeding, I would try putting some feed in water to make it soft snd watery in a tall sided bowl which may help him eat better.
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Awwwwe. Do what she/he said. If he won't eat or drink you will need to dropper feed him. You can make his food into a soup and dropper feed him. Hope he gets better soon!!! And you might want to Seperate him and the other rooster for a while. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!🐓
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