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What's wrong with this rooster's feet?!

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Hi, I'm hoping for some help diagnosing this rooster's feet, I'm new to chicken keeping and have never had a rooster. I'm also new to BYC, so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place!

We got this rooster under odd circumstances, my partner and I have just started a small scale farm, and a day ago we got a call from the factory across the road saying a rooster had gotten into the factory on one of their delivery trucks and was running around amongst all the machinery. We went over and caught him, and are hoping to hang onto him as he's gorgeous and we'd love to give him a good home.

But his feet look bizarre, they're really thick, chunky, and bumpy. He also seems to have some raw/pink skin under and around his leg feathers and some missing feathers on his stomach. I think it's scaley leg mites, but would love some other opinions/confirmation. I also have no idea what a rooster's feet should look like, is it normal for them to have massive fat feet compared to hens??

Running off the assumption that it's scaley leg mites, we've already treated him with a foot scrub, a rinse in water with apple cider vinegar, and covered his feet in cottonseed oil and then Vaseline. While giving him the scrub, bits of old/soft skin came off his feet. He's also in quarantine away from our main flock.

Any advice would be very very much appreciated, if he's sick I really want to help him get on the mend (and also want to protect my current chooks from any issues)!

Thanks in advance!


Ps The severity of his legs plus his super long spurs make me think he hasn't been anyone's pet for a while, which is why we haven't really looked into finding out if he has an owner (plus the guys at the factory said he came in from a city quite a while away).


Just a note about the pics - His feet look a bit black in the photos, but I think that's actually just because dirt is sticking to the Vaseline, his feet are actually yellow and pink. Also his feathers are a bit oily from the treatment! I was also in a rush to get the photos up, so took them at night, but can take better ones during the day if it would help.





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It does look like mites to me, and roosters do have much larger feet and thicker legs than hens. That said, he might have some other problem going on such as mycoplasma synovitis, a respiratory disease that infects the joints, causing swelling of the feet and leg joints. There may be a yellow swelling under the skin. Another problem is articular gout that can cause swelling of the feet and pain. Caster oil available at most stores in the laxative aisle is very good for scaly leg mites, less messy, and stays on better. Soaking the legs in warm soapy water once a week, gently scrubbing the scales to loosen them, and applying the oil of choice over several weeks will help. I would trim or file off the points of his spurs. Here is some info on MS and gout:

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Thanks! We'll keep up with the soaking and oiling. He's been pecking at his feet a little today, I think he's picking off some of the old scales.

Ive also noticed though that he hasn't been using his roost. Last night we had to put him up on it, and then tonight I tried about 5 times but he seemed unable to grip it and just kept falling off. Could this be related?

He's also been super docile, and seems to just be hanging out in his little coop all day...not sure if that's just his personality or if it's a sign of further sickness?
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