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Swollen Eye

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I have this guy with a swollen eye that keeps getting bigger. I treated him with Tylan 50 for 7 days due to a respiratory problem he was having. He is acting normal and eating but this eye stays swollen. How can I reduce the swelling? [IMG]
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Pending advice from members with more experience than myself, I'd begin by bathing the eye and then try triple antibiotic eye drops such as neosporin (for humans) or something similar. 



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Sometimes if there is solidified pus in the swollen eye, it needs to be cleaned out. That can involve digging it out with QTips, cotton, tweezers, manicure tools, and squeezing. When the yellow to white pus is gone, then antibiotic eye ointments or Vetericyn Eye Gel may clear up the eye. Here are a few threads to look at about getting it out:

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