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Raccoons help!

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Hello. I've kept chickens in Brooklyn for 11 years, and today for the first time ever I saw two raccoons in the chicken coop, trying to catch the chickens. My father heard them and chased off the 'coons, but now I need to raccoon proof their house. The fence is re-bar with chicken wire, closed at the top. The coop is a plastic garbage can shed. How can I keep a raccoon out of it?

Also, I have a large squirrel trap, but I'm not sure it's big enough to catch one of these giant raccoons. I have until tonight to either raccoonproof the coop or move my chickens inside temporarily. Please help!

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Replace that chicken wire ASAP. Raccoons can shred through it in seconds. Either replace it with chain link or wrap the existing fence with hardware cloth.

Chicken wire is great at keeping chickens in, but it won't keep predators out.

Make sure that your latches aren't too simple. If a child can unlatch the coop, a coon can.

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The wire is attached with zip ties. Will they hold the HC well enough to keep out the 'coons?

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No. You will need metal fasteners.

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Okay, I'll try that. How about the inner coop? It's one of these:

All plastic, with a place for a padlock. Doors are pretty badly warped. Has one hole in it from a heat-lamp accident.

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Might be time to replace it. What did you do to vent that?

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it doesn't shut well enough to warrant venting, at least I think.

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Then you definitely need to replace it with something that you can get ventilation into, without compromising their security.

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okay. I rarely close it, and there are only six of them in the roomy shed, so I thought it was fine.

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How far underground should the wire go? Also, I can't replace the wire for a few days. Do you think locking the coop at night will keep the chickens safe for the time being?

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