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BCM chick problems

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    I just got eight unsexed Marans chicks last week, and I have had several problems already. The first and foremost being a chick with fused toes. My brother helped me separate them, and by now the scabs are disappearing nice and clean, but I have heard that it is hereditary, and I am interested in breeding. Can anyone give me more information on this?

     The second problem is white. My chicks are black and blue, so why are white feathers popping up on the wings? Three of the chicks have pretty bronze feathers, but even they have spots of yellow on their toes and beaks. Is this normal? Do they grow out of it? Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure about the white feathers, though they could grow out with age (chicks sometimes don't look anything like adults as they start feathering out).


I hope this link helps with the hereditary toe issue:


Best of luck!

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