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Chick cant breathe what to do?

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Help! I just picked up 15 chicks wednesday from the hatchery. all doing great except one. She is taking shallow rapid breathes but her beak is closed. There is a clicking/popping sound as she breathes. I have a video but isk if I can post it. She is chitrping but wont keep her eyes open long. She has walked around a bit but not much. What ahould i do? I called the vet but they were no help. She also has sneezed a couple times and her chirp
Sounds like she is loosing her voice.
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I wish I could help more, but hopefully others can suggest a more specific diagnosis. For now I wouldn't rule out an infection of some sort and would definitely separate her from the rest if you haven't already. It's good that she can walk a bit and that her beak isn't lolling open. Has she drunk or eaten on her own? If not, how long do you think it's been? Has she pooped? Is it bloody/watery/green?
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In the past 1 1/2 hours she has pooped on me twice and it looked like normal chicken poop. I did some reading on other threads and gave her some sugar water. She is just laying on my chest with a blanket over her with labored breathing still. She is so lethargic. I think when she was chirping and walking around it was bc she was cold. Now that she is all snuggle she is asleep. I will gladly nurse her bacl to health just not sure how to do so.
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Here she is. She only opens her eyes for a few seconds at a time.
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Oh she's a cutie! :love Definitely looks unusually lethargic though. So are her only symptoms lethargy and the rapid breathing? I'd let her sleep for a while and then make sure she stays hydrated. Sugar water in moderate quantities is alright but can cause loose stool if you give her too much, so even better would be NutriDrench if you have it, or one of those little SavAChick electrolyte packets they sell at Tractor Supply. Good sign that her poop is my limited experience, poop can be very telling. :)


Keep us updated!

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Yes only symptoms are lethargy and labored breathing. I am running to rural king to get some elctrolytes. She is chirping and wants to be with her siblings. She was not happy being isolated. She kept
Pdcking the sides trying to get out. I raised the lamp. Maybe she over heated. Idk. Poor ggirl! I will Update on the morning.
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Electrolytes sound great, and that's a good sign that she's annoyed being separate from her friends...that means she has enough energy to act annoyed! Spunk is always good. :) Make sure not to cave, though -- keep her isolated until you know she's 100%, at least a few days from now. Good luck and yes, please do update us in the morning!

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Early update... She is eating!!! Still labored breathing and she stops after a few bites dozes off then wakes up and takea a few more bites. She is like a little old person but I'll take it! She really really dislikes being separated. Constantly cries out. sad.png gave her a stuffed animal to snuggle with hopefully that helps.
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I would put her back with the others. She probably is just weak, and I wouldn't stress her since it is doubtful that she would have something they haven't been exposed to. Now if she is trampled or picked on, that is different. Dip her beak repeatedly in the electrolyte water as often as you can throughout the night and tomorrow. Get a thermometer on the floor of the warmest part of the brooder to keep it between 90-95F for the first week, but always have a cooler spot to get to if they get hot. Let us know how she gets along.
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So glad to hear! Alright, I'll agree with Eggcessive -- if she can eat and drink on her own and walk around, you could try putting her back this afternoon. But yes, definitely make sure she's not getting picked on or knocked over and that she can hold her own at the feeder and waterer!
Thanks for updating us and hope she only gets better from here!!!
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