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I put her back with the others and they were all so happy to see her. She instantly ran back to Them and snuggled right up. I already have a thermometer in there and its reading at 93. I did raise the heat lamp a tad though. I syringe gave her 2 MLs of electrolytes and then added some to the regular water in case she drinks from it. I also re showed her where food and water is. She seems tl have perked up since I gave her the electrolytes. Praying this is all she needed just a little TLC. smile.png I decided to name her Ellie. smile.png
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Sounds great. Let us know how she gets along.
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Well miss Ellie seems to be feeling mich better. I gave her the electrolytes throughout the night and this morning she was up eating. Her breathing is still labored but not as bad as yesterday. Also when I reached in to get her this morning to give her more electrolytes instead lf just sitting there lethargic she ran away from me with the others. smile.png
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Oh wonderful, so glad! thumbsup.gif
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Sad to say I came home today and found Ellie passed away. She was doing so well and it looked like she was going to pull through. :'(
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Oh, I'm so sorry that you lost her. She may have had some internal problem or weakness that she just couldn't survive. I hope the others continue to do well.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. sad.png It's always tough to lose a chick, but know that you were an excellent caretaker and did all you could for her. And I agree with the above, she likely had a weakness that made losing her quite probable if not inevitable. Let us know if you notice anything with the others, but I trust they'll be fine!
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