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My Chicken seems ill

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My Sussex doesn`t seem well. She has a lot of black spots on her face and she also has some bubbly watery liquid that is in her eye. I am not sure if this has anything to do with our chicken that recently died, we didn`t know what she died of, but she didn`t look ill. 

My Austrolope also has only one bubbly eye, but she doesn`t have the weird spots on her face. My Sussex isn`t eating or drinking and she looked like she was sneezing before. So I have separated her for now, just in case it can spread. She also seems like she has a cold. She is breathing weirdly and has her mouth open.


Please help! 

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Can you post a picture of the spots? It would be good to know if they are from fowl pox or peck wounds. If you can get Tylosin (Tylan,) oxytetracycline, erythromycin, or tiamulin (Denagard) locally or from a vet, it may help treat the symptoms, which could be from mycoplasma (MG) which is a respiratory disease. Fowl pox is a virus carried by mosquitoes and usually causes tan to dark brown scabs on the face, comb, and wattles. Peck marks are usually black.

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