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An old chicken with swollen belly.

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This morning I went to give my chickens food as usual, I noticed an older hen looking sick and tired. I checked for possible crop infection but its empty. I then check if she is egg bound but noticed the belly swollen and not stiff enough to be egg bound. Just swollen. Poo looks watery in normal color. Temp 28-30 degrees. What could be the cause of this? I don't know if it was the garlic I gave them yesterday or the new vitamins I got from my other vet.
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It could possibly be an internal laying issue.

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Seems my old chicken is about to pass away according to these links. My old chicken is about to stop laying.
Culling is the answer to stop her pains I think. Its beter to loose her in the pot than to loose her in the grave.
Thanks anyway.
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You might want to bring her inside in a box or pen where she can be close to food and water. I have a hen who was on her last legs about 2 months ago from what I believe to be egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying, and she has improved somewhat. The warmth got her back on her feet, and although she would not eat and drink for me inside, when I placed her back out with the group, she has become more active. If she seems in pain or struggling, then culling her is probably best, but sometimes they can surprise you. 

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Ok thatnks @Eggcessive
I'll keep her for a while and give her some honey and garlic oil.
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Ok thatnks @Eggcessive
I'll keep her for a while and give her some honey and garlic oil.
Wish me luck. Lol
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Good luck. Any sick chickens that I've had love a scrambled egg chopped. Let us know how she gets along.

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Her belly is getting bigger! Oh no!!!
I have no choice.
This morning I checked on my old chicken and found her sitting and closing her eyes more often. So touched the belly to feel how is her belky doing but noticed its getting bigger than yesterday.
I have put her down to ease her pains, even if I didn't do that I may end up watching her die slowly.
Actualy my wife own the chicken but am always the one to feed then together with my 40 black zartech.
Thanks to your link post @Wyorp Rock its realy helpfull. We don't have to loose our chickens to grave.
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Sorry to hear you had to put your chicken out of her misery. I find it helpful to open up any of my chickens that die unexpectedly or are very sick and I need to euthanize, that way I sometimes learn what the problem was and perhaps I can do some research to then learn how it can be treated for future birds or better still, prevented. I know it's not something everyone can do, especially if they are pets, but for me the hardest part is making the decision to put them out of their misery and actually doing that. Once they are dead, I can only learn from them and it really has been beneficial in my experience and quite fascinating.


Best wishes



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@Wyorp Rock, You're right!
OMG! She got impacted eggs in her. Can you imagine she has 6 large eggs in her? And one of them is broken.
I did put her down and cut her to see for myself and saw the whole digestive system was pushed down to the vent by the six large eggs ready to be out but has no shells, and 4 other small premature eggs on the line.
Culling is the best thing to do for chickens with this kind of situation. At least to ease their pains not to take too long punishing them before they kick the bucket.
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