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Rooster Crowing

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I have a beautiful 7 month old Rhodebar Rooster. His name is Ricky. He was one of 3 that I hatched and he survived fowl pox and the Hawk that got my other two babies. He was recently in a feral fox mouth and released once I screamed and the fox dropped him and ran off. My point is....I want to keep Ricky. I am not interested in fertile eggs. I want him as my pet Ricky Rooster.  I have 11 hens that he protected from the fox that he lives with. They are all my pets. All of them are named.He is a sweet Rooster. My issue is he crows all night long. ALL NIGHT. I do not mind it. I have a daughter however who is going crazy over it. My neighbors have not said anything but I keep waiting for that knock on the door. I recently bought the crow collar which did not work and I am currently unable to locate due to it is no longer on his neck. I live in Louisiana and have called vets and LSU vet school. I was looking for a "fixer". I read that if you are able to neuter a rooster it minimizes the crowing. I looked into this due to I am not interested in fertile eggs, I am interested in him. I need help. Does a fixer exist? Can you safely do this to a Rooster? I really need assistance with this one. There are no local chicken people like myself to turn to. There are chicken people however they are just chickens to the people I know and I need other than put him in a pot. 

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I've just done a search here on BYC regarding reducing crowing. I'd suggest you also take a look and make up your mind as to what might be best for him. If you go to your state thread, you will find other BYC members- some of whom may be more likely to treat him as a pet, if you decide to give him away to a good home.




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Neutering a rooster is called caponizing. It is usually done before a cockerel begins crowing. You will have a hard time finding a vet willing to do it. Given that he is already crowing it may not help much anyway.


Roosters only crow at night if something disturbs them, be it noise or lights. Do you have any idea why he is doing it?

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Hi and thank you for your reply. I am not sure why he starts so early. It could be the neighbors lights. There are two on the side and back of me that are always on. After all the research I have done, I may have to bring him in at night and put him in a kennel in my closed in carport and see if that helps until sun up. I just really want to keep him, he is such a sweet guy and like I said before my chickens are my pets and family. They have brought much joy to my life and I think I have brought it to theirs as well. Chickens are very comical. 

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Happening now: I have a hen who is very loud when laying. He starting crowing when she started laying. 

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