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Bleeding mouth

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Hi there I need some advice please.

One of our chickens was bleeding quite badly and when I checked her over I found she was bleeding from her mouth. She's breathing quite heavily and making a gurgling sound. Her eyes are normal and she doesn't appear injured anywhere else.

Earlier on she was taking a dust bath and I think she may have caught her mouth on something in the ground.

I live on Cyprus quite remotely but took her to a local who made her drink some white vinegar. We have a language barrier but I think I understood right. Isolate her and give her more vinegar tomorrow.

I've put her in a separate cage with food and water but do you think I should feed her water and yogurt by syringe just in case? If so how often.

Thank you for your help.

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Check to see if she could be coughing up bloody mucus from a respiratory disease such as ILT. It causes gasping,coughing, irritated eyes,  and typically chickens may sling bloody mucus from the beak and nose around the walls of the coop. Hopefully it is just a cut as you say. I would look inside her beak and throat for a foreign object. Here is some info to read about ILT:

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Thank you. She seems a bit brighter this afternoon. She's drinking water on her own and the bleeding appears to have stopped. I've kept her separate tonight and will also for tomorrow to see how she is.

It's great to know that you are all here to help and support. Many thanks.

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You're welcome and good luck.

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