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Very Large Silkie

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I got my first silkies around July of last year, I now only have one remaining silkie rooster left. I found him some hens, and when I went to pick them up I realized they were very very tiny. The hens were older than him, but he is probably 3 times the size of them. I had to return the hens, because as it turned out they were very sick. I recently found new hens, and when I got them home he was still extremely large compared to them. My rooster has all of the characteristics of a silkie, and looks just like a silkie. Is he a mutt silkie, or can silkies get that big? Im very confused:hu

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Welcome to BYC, a comparison pic might help but some roos just get very big, sillies usually stay pretty small but with genetics anything is possible. Also what do you mean by the others were very sick.

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