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Help coyote injured one of my hens

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A coyote got ahold of one of my hens, he spit her out as I ran after him.  The skin is ripped on her back end and the muscle is showing in a couple of places and she isn't putting any weight on one leg.  I put her in a pet taxi and she drank a little water.  What do I need to do with the torn skin area?  I have some Wound Kote but I didn't want to spray anything on it to hurt her.  Any suggestions?  Should I just leaver her be and let the shock wear off?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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rinse it our will saline, wound kite shouldn't be used on deep gashes. Then try to put the skin back over where it belongs, then let her rest and the shock will wear off just make sure that she drinks a bit.

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If there is any blood and you have a small flock, I would take her to a vet as to not have her suffer.

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Thanks for the replies.  There isn't any blood at all.  Just muscle showing.  Yeah I didn't think the wound kote could be used on gashes.  I have just never had anything like this happen.  I did try and put the skin back over where it belongs.  I hope she's going to be okay.  Thank you all for the replies.  Are you talking about saline as in the stuff you use for contacts?  I am just not thinking quite clearly right now.  Adrenaline is still flowing...

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The vet is a good option but not everyone has an aviary vet that close to them and others don't have the money to be able to take a chicken to a vet. I would have trouble if that happened to one of my hens because I don't have that kind of vet close by.

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aka salt water it will rinse out the wound without causing the damage that peroxide can cause.

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Okay got it.  Um there really isn't any skin on one of the places to pull up, But it still has feathers over that area.  Yeah we don't have an avian vet around here and it would be very very expensive to take her to a regular vet at this hour. It would be an emergency call since all vets are closed.  Well again, thanks for all the replies.  Man.. I have never ever experienced anything quite like this.

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All damaged areas need to be cleaned thoroughly. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning up wounds, but should not be used after the initial cleaning. If there are feathers in the wounded area, they need to be removed, as they will cause infection to set in. Then cover the entire wounded area with an antibiotic ointment. No pain killers in the ointment.

Even huge areas with no skin can heal as long as you keep it all covered with the ointment. Any infection will need to be treated with an antibiotic.

She MUST be kept away from her flock mates. Chickens will peck wounds, causing more major damage.

Keep us posted!
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So we got her cleaned up.  We cut away all the feathers and rinsed and cleaned out the open areas. I have her inside in a pet taxi. She is eating and drinking, but the coyote messed her up pretty bad.  One big area, she is missing all the skin, there is a pretty deep cut by her tail and then a gash on the other side as well. She still isn't standing up all the time, she stands on one leg when she does.  She was talking a little earlier when she was eating.  Fingers crossed she makes it.  Oh and I rubbed antibiotic ointment on all areas.  There was no blood, but it looks pretty bad.  Thank you all for the advice.

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would it help put her in a sling to help that leg or would it be rubbing an area that is damaged.

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