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hen pecked and quiet not eating

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Hi Everyone,  We have a hen who has been bullied, pecked at by another hen now it seems one more hen has been pecking at her at eating time and roosting time. She is not eating now and not moving around much keeps to herself and is very quiet and still.

She has been drinking water and her poop is more watery than normal. Its hard to tell when the last time she layed and egg. She seems stressed. We have separated her for protection and observation. We are worried any suggestions?

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The longer she is out the harder it will be to integrate you can put pin less peepers on the bullies or you can bring them inside and put her out for a few days and that will reset their level within the flock and will be less likely to bully when they get back outside, just make sure she starts eating and drinking good otherwise.

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Thank you. How long do you keep the pin less peeper on for. How do I tell if she is sick? I am concerned that she is not eating? and what is the best way to reintegrate her?

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Just make sure she is eating and I have done it for as little as a week and then they straighten out, if she is sick she will exhibit some similar actions but I don't think she is does her crop feel normal, no smell or anything about it? to reintegrate you can put her in a dog kennel around the others so she will be protected but they can figure out that she is part of them

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Her crop is enlarged and soft. We treated her with the recommended recipe for Doughy Crop. She is not looking too good. Think it might have been too late. We are hoping for the best.

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how is she doing this morning?

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She didn't make it. A sad day!

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I'm sorry, you can send her body to a lab and they can test to make sure it isn't something that can affect the rest of you flock.

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