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Quail bullying

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I recently bought four 1 week old Texas a&m quail and they are now 5 weeks old. I've had them in the house until mid last week when i put them in there cage which is in the shed until the weather picks up. I noticed today that one was hiding all the time in the coverd corner that i made a bit like a rabbit hutch, when ever it goes out one of the others chases it and tries to peck it until it hides again. i have took the one out that is doing the bullying and the others seem more settled. If i leave it out for a week or so will this help stop the bullying?

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Perhaps, but they might both be males and as they are beginning to mature, that causes the bullying. And in that case, I'd expect it to get worse as they get older.

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Hi DK newbie thanks for your help.

If thats the case do you think making a bigger pen for them with maybe a few more hens will help. 

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I've read about people having coturnix in aviaries and such, with lots of places to hide, being able to have several males without too much trouble. So that might work, yes. But I don't have coturnix myself, so I'm just guessing based on what I've read on this forum. 

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I will probably give that a try. Thank you for your help.

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I doubt it will ever quit.I have the same birds.Ive had one killed one bird and pulled every feather out of the rest.I gave her away.I have a 10 /10 cage and its never stopped it.I have gave a lot away or moved them

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The one that did all the killing was a female

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