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Whining 5 week Polish Chick

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Hey Guys!

Hoping someone can offer some advice on a diagnosis. I had bought a batch of Polish chicks 5 weeks ago from an individual. Several of them died without any reason and seemed to stop growing at a young age, very stunted. Out of the 18 I bought, I only have 10 healthy ones left, 3 are still a little small compared to their flock mates. Today one of the healthiest, fastest growing ones was in the middle of their yard with his neck stretched out looking like he was gasping. I went to get him inside to see what was up. He is whining, sometimes squeaking (maybe a sneeze?) and breathing heavily. I brought him inside and I have some electrolytes on hand so I tried to get him to drink some of that but he isn't interested. He is laying in a dog crate now, whining and with his neck still stretched out and his mouth open. Suggestions?
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Check for any mold in the bedding from spilled water or wet spots in the brooder, any mold in the food. Aspergillosis or brooder pneumonia can cause gasping and lung problems. Is there any runny nose, sneezing, or watery eyes that might be a sign of a virus or bacterial respiratory disease? You could start some antibiotic such as Tylan injectable given orally at 1/4  ml twice a day for 5  days. Let us know how it gets along.

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Sorry for the delay in responses guys! I posted in another group and they thought the chick was choking. He died that evening. The next morning I had 3 more chicks with the same signs. I'm assuming it's a virus. Today I was able to track down some Tylan so I'll be administering that tonight when I get home from work. What is y'alls thought on treatment? Should I treat only those with symptoms? These guys were released into the big coop so all of my mature girls have been in contact as well. I'm really hoping to not lose anyone else :(


Also, suggestions on administering orally over giving an injection? Pros and cons?

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