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Lame Roosters

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So I have three roosters with frostbite on their feet. Two of them are essentially one footed. The other will lose toes but still has both feet. I was planning on hatching eggs this spring but will these roosters still do their thing? I'm worried I may have a fertilization problem.
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it is a common misconception but they will be fine this spring, right now while they are still figuring out their legs they may not be up to fertilizing eggs, for a little they will come back around though.

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So my pirate peg legs will still mate eh? My kids will be happy. I just got my brinsea Eco 20 in the mail. But they won't mate until spring though?
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Since it is winter their drive naturally goes down because nature tells them it is not the right time to have chicks hatching, I said maybe not till spring because it sometimes takes them a while to get back on the wagon after having any sort of injury.

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