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After a few "surprise roosters" and a bout of home incubation, I have two more roosters than my girls can handle. I live in NW PA (Columbus) and am willing to meet you halfway if you would like to adopt these gentlefowls. Both are non-aggressive and handle cold weather very well.



6-7 mo Blue Ameraucana x BCM cross. I adopted him a while ago from a lovely lady in OH, but he does not get along with my alpha roo. He's lean and beautiful, and would be an excellent lead roo. In fact, he insists on it. The only one who he'll run from is my golden dotte who's bigger and bulkier with attitude. Excellent, nearly stereotypical, crow.





8 mo hybrid. Son of my RIR alpha x Black Australorp hen. Lowest of my roo's and bit flighty, but pretty. Better if solo roo. Odd crow.


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